Our Story

Aurora is a small, family owned business based in Dorset and we have a personal story to tell about why we were founded. Our mission is to help others suffering from anxiety, stress or poor sleep to improve their wellbeing.

By James,
Founder of Aurora Comfort.


I have never slept. I was diagnosed with an Autistic spectrum condition and Attention deficit disorder when I was 7. For the first ten years of my life I was prescribed with strong sleep medication but it would still take up to 4 hours every night until I fell asleep.

One day, my mother read an article about weighted blankets. It showed how the evenly distributed weight draped over your body can give you a sense of calm. The feeling it gives is similar to having a deep touch massage or a tight hug.

My mum purchased a blanket to see if it would work. Well, it was an overnight success. From that moment on, every time I used the blanket I feel asleep within 10 minutes.

Mum decided to buy a weighted blanket for herself. She has mild arthritis and restless legs and the blanket gave her an instant feeling of relief and helped her to drift off to sleep easily.

After I left College, I decided to set up this business selling a product that I truly believe in and knew would benefit so many people for many years.

I chose a product that was of high quality and had a longer life than some of the cheaper blankets on the market. The feedback so far has been heartfelt and I am very proud of the quality product and service I can deliver.