Aurora Comfort™ Weighted Blanket Set - Kids - Aurora Comfort
Aurora Comfort™ Weighted Blanket Set - Kids - Aurora Comfort
Aurora Comfort™ Weighted Blanket Set - Kids - Aurora Comfort
Aurora Comfort™ Weighted Blanket Set - Kids - Aurora Comfort

Aurora Comfort™ Weighted Blanket Set - Kids

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Our weighted blankets can relieve stress and anxiety and leave your child feeling relaxed. Includes a washable soft Minky cover.

All Kids Blankets are designed for a Single Bed.

You deserve a great night's sleep. The gentle pressure applied by the Aurora Weighted Blanket simulates deep pressure therapy that can allow you to comfortably drift off to sleep.

A women snug inside our weighted blanket

Get The Sleep You Deserve

Stress, anxiety and sensory conditions can all negatively affect how we sleep. Studies have shown that weighted blankets can improve the sleep of their users.

Our weighted blankets produce an instant calming effect by moulding around your body to give you a feeling of closeness that can relieve stress and anxiety and leave you feeling relaxed so that you can drift calmly off to sleep.

Feel Your Stress Melt Away

We all feel anxiety and stress from time to time. The feeling you get from an Aurora Weighted Blanket instantly helps you feel relaxed and calm and that causes feel-good hormones to release naturally.

The calming affect of the Aurora Weighted Blanket can also benefit those with mild pain and restless limbs.

A photo of the Aurora weighted blanket next to a plant
The Minky side of our weighted blanket cover

The All-In-One Cover

Our weighted blanket set includes a double-sided cover that you can switch depending on the season. Use the super-soft Minky Dot side for Winter and the breathable cotton side for Summer.

It is important to be able to remove your outer cover for frequent washing as this will prolong the life of your inner weighted blanket.

Product Details

Blanket is 100% Cotton with internal filling.

Charcoal Grey outer cover with one side Polyester (minky) and the other Cotton.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sarah L
Great quality, price and packaging

I bought this for my friend who has had trouble sleeping due to anxiety in the pandemic. It was a good price, well packaged and made a lovely gift. She said she's slept much better since using the blanket. Highly recommend.

Yasmin Hilton
It worked instantly

I bought this for my daughter who never sleeps! on the first night it took five minutes to get her off to sleep and normally it takes 1-2 hours. I shopped around before I bought this and found this was a better price than most.

It really works

I bought this for my son who is autistic and has ADD. He has always had problems sleeping but now sleeps so much better. It is just heavy enough to make you feel secure but not too heavy to be overpowering. Easy to clean too.